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    dotcomrades is a (very) loosely associated band of makers, activists, doers and your general salt of the earth awkward squad types.
    We're marrying our geeky tendencies to our progressive politics, and assembled for the first time in June 2015 to think about/hack away at how technology might reboot/revive/"disrupt" organised labour.
    A bunch of us are sniffing around how co-ops, mutuals, Guilds, credit unions, etc. might take advantage of advances in technology to outcompete incumbents and positively shape the markets/industries they operate in.
    We're currently piggybacking on Citizen Beta's regular London meetup so come along and say hello and/or ping us on twitter or drop us a line.

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    Last Friday (12 June 2015) I was delighted to attend the DotComrade hackday at Mozilla London. This event brought together techies, activists, union organisers and makers to hack organised labour. The diversity of people in the room was a productive mix, with prototype applications developed during the day.
    Conceived back when the “there’s an app for that” chorus heralded a future where our iDevices would solve every conceivable problem, I imagined dotcomrades as a community who might step in to take on a set of issues that appeared to be in Cupertino’s/the Valley’s/the wider tech world’s blindspot.